Friday, July 10, 2009

A work doodle . . .I was in a serious, very serious state of supreme boredom today. It was as if time itself has slowed down to a crawl. urgh. This is a little Sci-Fi idea that I would like to take further, m a y b e. The second image is in keeping with my current blah to try inverting all ink drawings . . its addictive! The third image is the doodle I did in my diary months and months ago. I was talking to a lot of people on the phone today, and one of these people was a 90-95 year old man that sounded bright and cheery, and laughed when I asked for a younger age group. Wouldn't it be amazing to still be alive at 90 years old, and be able to laugh? I know a lot of people who have said 'Kill me after I turn 65 or 70', but I would love to stay alive as long as a possibly can. I will stop crapping on now.

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