Monday, August 17, 2009

Some more ramblings from my highly abused new sketch book. There is a definite theme starting to take shape now, that of noise. Then again each picture really doesn't start with any particular theme in mind, just the need to escape. I am enjoying making pages completely covered in line work, and I have found it's an excellent format as well. Not all of these are great, but I think some are really interesting. I am finding that I am in a place in my life right now where filling a sketch book with the crap floating around in my head is great thing. My lovely girlfriend is currently doing a full time placement in a hospital, meaning that when I get home late at night, making a lot of noise making big messy paintings isn't going to happen . . .so working in a small space is kind of nice. Parameters of any kind are often all I need, and it's nice to fill each page with a little world all of it's own. That's all for now.

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