Friday, February 19, 2010

Some other images in a similar style to the sleep parade stuff. All of these designs orginate from some photographs of me from Thailand, that all had an interesting light about them. I had a lot of inspiration built up from a holiday where I had no access to any real art materials, and having completed the Sleep Parade design the day before I left, the ideas simply just kept coming. . .all in a similar style to what I had just done. There are likely to be a lot more designs with this type of vibe, but I have some other ideas to incorporate, like multiple figures and also going back to the more found image feel of the first. I think all these have something interesting about them, but not all are a complete success. I like the differing colour schemes and the different tones, all of which were a diliberate attempt at a specific type of tone, representative of an emotion or physical state I was trying to achieve.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sleep Parade - T-Shirt designs

This was a really interesting project to work on, as it is the first time I had to race to meet a deadline. . .and I made it. The concept is a Sleep Parade track called 'Headstorm', and that was the brief. I really had to sit with this one for a few hours and really work through some ideas to come up with it. In the end i'm very happy with it, as I had to kind of . . .well excuse the cliche here, but I had to 'dig deep' to come up with it. The feeling I get from the figure is a sort ambiguous type of thing, sort of like in the film 'The Mothman Prophecies', where the image you see could just be our (humans) physical manifestation of something we can;t actually imagine. Something like that. I have yet to see the finished product, but I hear that it was printed with the figure in light blue, and the shirt a brownish colour.

All images are (c) Sleep Parade.