Thursday, April 29, 2010

These are the things I have been working on for the last month or so. C.D designs for a A State of Flux's remix LP titled 'REFLUX'. It took a lot of teeth pulling for me to get to this final design, which at the time of writing is %99 done. I am hoping that this will see the light of day in about June, which is when the launch will be. The theme is the same as my previous entry, that of different perspectives. The simple red circle design is meant to represent an eye looking in different directions, and was also very loosely based on planetary diagrams. There are a few other little concepts in there as well, but rather than just explaining everything, go buy the CD when its out . . .hope you enjoy it.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

This is a design that literally popped into my head, and is somewhat based on planetary diagrams, and also diagrams of eyes. This MAY be applicable to what i'm currently working on, but it's hard to say. It's sort of meant to be 2 eyes in one, looking at things from different angles.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This was a piece I did a week or so ago, when developing some ideas for the current CD project I am working. So it turned into a little side thing, which AGAIN was a throw back to the Sleep Parade project. I think this is sort of interesting as there are a couple of faces in there, and I am really into these colours at the moment. I feel like the way I work has changed immensely over the last few months, and it's in a good way.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Working on some ideas for posters, and came across this video still while chatting. I instantly took a screenshot, and blew it up to A0. This is among a few things I have been working on lately, and I have been going down some strange paths. I am still hard at work on a CD cover design (which will be posted here soon), so it was nice to take a slight de-tour and do something a little different. The 4 circles is a throw back to an unused Sleep Parade design, and is one that really stuck in my head. The colours feel really right on this one, and would love to see this printed full size. I like the idea that you don;t really know what is going on this background, it could be anything.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Working on a few new things for a musical release, and it's leading me down some interesting paths. I am finding that the stencil thing is still there from the Sleep Parade designs, but this time I want to focus more on the negative space. The above illustration is a section of a huge work, as I don't want to reveal a huge amount yet, so I don't kill any suspense for the release. it's interesting for me at the start of a long process like this, because I am really starting with very little. I have a few ideas floating around, but nothing totally concrete yet. I have found that a useful tool is to do lots of things that are unrelated completely from art making, and eventually an idea will come, and probably 2 days before my deadline. I think I need to just watch some Mr. Show, or some Tim and Eric, that seems to inspire.