Friday, September 3, 2010

i have not really made any posts lately, simply because I am going through a little bit of 'artists block'. I was always told at art school to work through them, and eventually something will come . . .but I always felt as if that was like trying to awaken a dead horse by beating on it with a hammer, all you will end up with is a mess. It's not all that bad, I have started drawing again . . .and much to my delight I enjoy it again. The idea of creating an artwork that exists in a physical form kind of bothers me these days, I have come to like things that can be reproduced over and over again without the need for the coveted 'original'. The drawings and forms that come to mind are sort of abstract landscapes, sort of in keeping with a few digital works I have done. Who knows if these will eventuate into anything else, but they are fun none the less.

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