Saturday, October 30, 2010

Things I have been doing: I played another 'CZURA' show, and it went pretty well. I wasn't that over joyed with my own performance, but was knocked dead by the other guys. Incredible. I am currently preparing some artwork for Sleep Parade, not sure when or if this will see the light of day. I have been taking a lot of photos again, mainly because of the iphone 4.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Have not really posted much lately, but I have been doing a few things. I played a 2 more shows, and got booked in for another one. This is the video link to one of the shows I did, as a solo piece with a tape recorder and some other bits. This was my best little performance to date, and was actually a bit of a rush to play. I learn so much each time I do it, and always feel that I can do so much better. The video art was provided by Kevin Victor, who also filmed and edited the show. I am currently working on a couple of things, and also procrastinating applying for design school.